Tradition of manufacturing February 15 2016




Tradition of manufacturing


The paper industry in Colle Val d'Elsa has been for many centuries very important from both an economic and cultural point of view. Books of all kinds were printed since 1400, also on behalf of major universities, such as University of Pisa and University of Florence. Towards the end of 1700, there were up to 23 paper mills and for the following centuries some of them have had a monopoly in the production of stamped paper.To date, paper production has been replaced by other industries, and has lost the primacy of the past.With the recycled cardboard projects presented, we want to help keep alive and tell a story, a tradition, a culture of our territory.




Already since ancient times the development and flourishing of the first activities in the processing of paper in the territory of Colle Val d'Elsa is closely related to natural resources found locally. Decisive factor for the local economy was the creation of so-called "Gore", a canal sysem dug from the main course of the river Elsa. It is a fine work of hydraulic engineering, the first section was built between the X and XI century., the second portion at the beginning of the thirteenth century.The Gore exploit the lowering of the river that crosses the city of Colle, and falls by more than 50 meters.Thanks to the presence of the driving force ensured by Gore, the development of the paper industry was favored in Colle Val d'Elsa.