GIULIO C white | bust


The Giulio C pieces  – as well as the Italiana lamp collection – are part of a family of objects made with recycled cardboard.

The collection was a result of a collaboration with il Casone, a company that manufactures boxes for the packaging industry since 1947, the oldest one in the province of Siena.

The bust portrays the Roman Emperor in an original and ironic way, built with cardboard instead of marble. Cardboard is an ordinary material that has been elevated for a design project because of its valuable properties: it is recyclable, renewable and sustainable. By reusing it, it does not become obsolete after some time. An overlooked material has been transformed into an original, high-quality and functional object.

Perfect for those who want to furnish their homes in an ecological way, keeping an eye on a unique style and an innovative design.

Made entirely in Tuscany, Italy.

etico | GIULIO C white bust made of recycled cardboard - Eco design accessory made in Italy